What Connects You To You?

I had to run some errands today and I was without a car, so I decided to hop onto my little bike. It seemed fitting to ride my meditative ‘Beep Beep’ as I was going to the seamstress to collect my yoga belts and have alterations done to my meditation cushion.

Over the past few weeks, the weather hasn’t been that brilliant on the days that I have not been working and consequently I have resorted to four wheels rather than two. Today, the weather looked promising, so I seized the opportunity to get out and about. And just like magic, within seconds of being in the saddle, I felt myself returning.

We all tend to lose connection with ourselves and sometimes we don’t even realise that we have done so. You could debate that inanimate objects cannot make you feel this way but its what that inanimate object represents or awakens in you. My short journey re-awakened that sense of adventure, freedom and independence that is forever within me, but on some days, it can be more hidden than others. Sometimes we need a candle lit to light the way through the darkness, and for me, ‘Beep Beep’ was my metaphoric candle.

I think this goes to show you that meditation is not just about sitting quietly in cross-legged position; it can be any practice or activity that helps to re-connect to the real you. Whilst I meditate in the formal sense, realisations and inspirations often come to me as I ride. Take time to reflect on what connects you back to you. Maybe it is a walk in nature, a spot of gardening, reading a book, or meeting up with friends and family. We all find ourselves in different ways.

My Dad emailed me a quote the other day which really supports my blog post for today:

‘Four wheels move the body

Two wheels move the soul.’

Thanks ‘Beep Beep’ for shining the light.


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