What I Learned On My Way to Cotswold Outdoor

What perfect weather for riding today; a mild temperature, a gentle breeze and the sun on my back. I navigated my way through the beautiful back country lanes to my destination. Ordinarily, this journey by car on the main roads, would have taken about 15 minutes, but on Beeps it took me around 40.

The lesson that I learnt today was around the theme of relationships. You can see relationships in everything. As I was riding, I was considering my relationship with the road, with my bike, with the environment around me and with people.

When you are driving or riding, do you ever consider what your relationship is to the road? Do you see the road as a means to merely get you there? Do you feel that you have to drive or ride as fast as possible and almost see the road as something you need to conquer? When you have a symbiotic relationship, you just flow with the twists and turns of the road. Have you noticed when it’s the latter that things just seem to go much better? It’s a bit like life. We have days where we feel totally in the flow and without much effort, positive things start to happen. And as I was riding, I was asking myself what my relationship is to my bike. Do I merely see it as a an object or a metaphoric extension of me? If I feel at one with the bike, then just like the flow of the road, everything seems to happen much easier. Being on a bike allows you to have much more connection to your environment as you ride. Today, I loved the shade of the trees as I rode through forested areas. And I could smell the dampness of the leaves and the grass as I passed through. By contrast, I also loved the warmth and the sunlight as I rode on the open roads.

What I have noticed about Beep Beep is that he draws people into conversation with me. I went into Cotswold Outdoor to collect my parcel and when I returned to my bike there was a man waiting for me. He asked me if this was my bike. He then spent some time reminiscing about all the bikes he had in his life and that he too had had one of these bikes. Later on I tried to kickstart the bike and I think it was more operator error than the bike’s fault. After a few attempts I couldn’t get it going and an older gentleman approached me and offered to give me a push! I am getting a dab hand at bump starting the bike, so no assistance was needed, but the offer was much appreciated. As I was about to leave, one man passed me by and told me to look after this ‘little gem of a bike’ which of course, I will. Sadly, people don’t take the time to connect to one another, but today the very presence of my bike helped me to connect with strangers.

So the simple little journey of running in errand today showed me that relationships can be found in everything. I will leave you with a passage called the ‘Yoga of Relationships’ (sorry I don’t have the source):

‘The ancients understood yoga by way of relationships.  In yoga, relationships are developed, and through relationships, yoga is mastered.  Yoga is not a solitary endeavour. You can practise it alone, but its purpose is to connect you to something -your body, your breathing, your emotions, or the things you are doing in your life, such as your work, your hobbies, your friendships and so on.

You are a relationship. You are a composite and interaction of all the various parts of yourself. When you are doing yoga, you are serving the relationship of your body, your mind and your emotions, all at the same time. In relating your emotions, you first have to give them your attention. Then you move closer to them by participating or interacting with them. You get a dialogue going. Eventually, you’ll find yourself in an intimate relationship with them.’

Thanks for dropping by.

With love and blessings, Sarah and Beep Beep x


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