What I Learnt By Sitting Still

I was having a cup of tea with my neighbour and we were talking about the two motorbikes that I have. As you can see from the photograph, they are chalk and cheese. The only commonality is the brand. One is fast and one is not so fast. One is large and the other is small. One is modern and one is old. She made a comment at the time that had a big impact on me.

I was mentioning that I was planning to sell my larger bike as I wasn’t getting time to ride it. She said the large bike represented me in my former life and the little bike is me, as I am now. Previously, I worked in marketing, typically for advertising agencies. The pace of life was fast, just like my modern motorbike. I am now a yoga teacher and my pace of life is somewhat different. It got me thinking about when I was learning to drive. My instructor always commented on how quick I moved through the gears. At the time, my mind was full and racing.

Now the years have gone by, and my perspective on life has altered. This simple lesson is an example of what happens to you internally manifests externally. I slowed down and as I did, so did my transport.

With love and gratitude from Sarah and Beep Beep x


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